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Potion Punch is a fun game where you'll put your business insights to the test by running a shop for customers interested in purchasing magic potions. Serve up thousands of potions to earn your wages and invest your profit into improvements for your shop to expand across the province and become the best of the lands. Soon enough, you'll be serving up hot potions and piling up a fortune in gold.

In Potion Punch, gameplay is super simple. Right from the start, your clients will choose from three different potions. At that point your only job is to serve them in a timely manner. But, keep an eye out to properly match the right colored potion to each client and carefully serve them from cauldron to goblet. Occasionally a pickier client will pop in to order up a potion that is not in stock, thankfully with a bit of artful searching among your ingredients you'll find just the right combination to deliver the right potion. Upon leaving, your happy customers will leave their payment on your bar and you'll need to be quick picking it up to add to your till. When you've managed to take care of each visitor and close up for the night, you'll need to balance your cash register to double check if your sales and expenses are equitable or if you've been to heavy handed with your ingredients letting potions and your day's work go wasted.

As you serve more and more potions, you'll unlock new foods to add to your menu and to your register. More money provides new opportunities to expand your business, or invest in bigger, faster machines and new artifacts earning an even fatter profit margin. Definitively, everything you need to become the best potion shop in the area is at your fingertips.
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Android 4.2 or greater is required

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